Set of 2 breastfeeding shells

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the set of 2 nursing shells protects, heals and relieves all breast pain felt after breastfeeding. Also helps to limit the overproduction of milk outside the breastfeeding ritual. A method 100% natural and zero waste. Several sizes available.

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Breastfeeding seashells - the natural virtues of seashells during breastfeeding!

the breastfeeding shell lot accompanies you right after baby's breastfeeding. Seashells, 100% natural, allow to relieve hyper-sensitive nipples tested during breastfeeding.

Their use makes it possible to protect, heal your nipples and to regulate milk production. Indeed, they avoid any irritation due to friction with your underwear thanks to the protection of the shell, they act as a natural dressing by promoting wet healing and limit the overproduction of milk outside the breastfeeding ritual and milk surges of the cycle.

The breastfeeding seashells are to be placed at the tips of the breasts after breastfeeding with your child. Its positioning is maintained by the bra and it is maintained with a little mild soap and hot water. The shells are sorted by hand, sold with a reusable pouch, local importer (Hérault).

A beautiful original gift idea, to offer or to afford! Creation of the French brand Irreversible.

A method 100% natural and zero waste. The size of the shells can vary between 0.5 and 1cm, and their color also depending on the nature.

Which size to choose?

- Measure your areola, close to your 9th month of pregnancy.

- Choose the shell adapted to your size (S: - 5 cm; M: 5 - 6 cm; L: 6 - 7 cm)

Usage tips :

- Before using for the first time, gently wash your shellfish with a little hot water and a mild soap.

- After feeding, spread a few drops of milk on the nipples and place the shells.

- Use only for adults, keep out of reach of the baby.

- Do not post all day or night. Do not clean with toxic products or boil. Do not use if you are allergic to mother of pearl or shellfish.

Sizes: S: - 5 cm; M: 5 - 6 cm; L: 6 - 7 cm

Base color100% natural
Comfort tipMarron
useProtect the nipples by relieving and reducing breast pain.
Sleeve lengthLukewarm water and mild soap
Waist heightFeminine
TitreNLSet van 2 borstvoedingsschalen