The importance of innovation & quality at Sevira Kids

Since 2014, the Sevira Kids team has been paying great attention to the continuous innovation of products while respecting their values and commitments. Meeting the needs of our customers by paying particular attention to the products and textiles used, as well as the environment, is our priority.

Producing locally, creating jobs, and reducing our carbon footprint.
Concerned about the environment, we prioritize the purchase of materials from French partners.
Our team designs, draws, and handcrafts our products with dedication and passion.
Stylized map of France with the Eiffel Tower indicating the position of Paris and a pin marking the location of Sevira Kids' headquarters in Compiègne.
We select recyclable materials, of high quality, and environmentally friendly.
We are constantly searching for the best for your children.
100% Made in France, Sevira Kids is labeled FrenchFab, and some of our products have been awarded the Baby d'Or at the Baby fair in Paris.

French expertise

Manufacturing in France also means harnessing the expertise and talent of our seamstresses who handcraft our products, ensuring quality.

A local and responsible economy.

This investment in the Hauts-de-France region means a lot to us because we aim to contribute to the local economy and job retention while consolidating and bringing our production closer. This change promotes the reduction of our consumption and CO2 emissions while contributing to the availability of products manufactured in a short supply chain.

A 100% Made in France brand

Based in Compiègne, an imperial city with a rich historical heritage, our small team at Sevira Kids has drawn inspiration and imagined, designed, and created its childcare products that you appreciate so much.

Awards and Innovation Labels

Our innovation is responsible and has been doubly rewarded with the Gold Innovation Label from the Paris Baby Show

Research and development

Our range of products under the SEVIRA KIDS brand offers a wide selection of innovative childcare items. Upfront research enables us to offer high-quality products, ensuring the safety of your children and suitability for every situation. Our products are conceived and imagined by our teams, drawing inspiration from their various experiences to simplify the daily lives of parents, while being ergonomic for use, with the aim of continuously satisfying our customers.

Flagship product: The Swaddle Sleeping Bag

Our flagship product is the swaddle sleeping bag, a modern take on the ancestral method from which the brand's creator drew inspiration to create a unique, versatile product synonymous with tender care, which we introduced to the French market.

Eco-Friendly Material Management

To reduce fabric waste, we reuse our scraps to create new products.

Ethical and healthy materials

We invest in the use of textiles certified by Oeko-Tex and G.O.T.S, ensuring the absence of toxic products for the body and the environment, and ensuring decent working conditions.

Sevira Kids imagines products with passion and relies on the experience of parents, their desires, and their needs.

Our goal is to design products together, high-quality and durable products that accompany the child in their development.

All Sevira Kids products and partner brands are carefully chosen to meet our values and commitments.

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