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Our brand, delivery or use of our products? Consult this section or contact us by private message on our Facebook page or by e-mail at the following address: [email protected] We answer all your questions from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (excluding public holidays) !

The Sevira Kids brand

Where does Sevira Kids come from?

Sevira Kids is a French brand created in Paris, by a mother of 2 children :)

Where are your products made?

Our products are made in the European Union from certified quality materials. Certain products manufactured by our partners for which we are simply distributors (example: the teething mitt) are made outside the EU, but always in strict compliance with the European childcare standards in force.

Do you sell used products?

Our Collections are new, we do not sell used products.

Is the payment secured ? What payment methods can I use?

All technological means are implemented to guarantee the security of financial transactions carried out on our site, regardless of the selected payment method.

The Customer can pay for his purchases online on the secure Sevira Kids website using the following payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Check or Amazon Payments. It should be noted that for payment by bank transfer or check, the processing time will be longer than for the other options.


Do you have a question about an order you have placed? Need some information?

Request for information, delivery time, shipping, comments on the delivery ... Whatever your question or the remark you wish to share with us, you can use the contact form of our Online Store or contact us directly by e-mail to the following address: [email protected] ( provided with the reference of your order ). We are at your disposal from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. You can also contact us by phone at 03 60 45 55 35 (non-premium rate call)

The distribution network and orders

Where is your store located? Where to buy your products?

Sevira Kids is an online store on the Internet, accessible at this address:

We have just opened our first Showroom! You can now discover our Collections in Boutique in Compiègne (in the Oise), at 28 rue Notre-Dame de Bon Secours (60200).

Apart from its website and the various marketplaces on which the brand is present, Sevira Kids meets its Customers every year at the Paris Fair and at the Baby Show, throughout France.

Do you deliver outside of France?

We deliver our Collections in Europe and the whole world, with shipping costs from 5 EUR for Europe, and between 20 and 30 EUR for Overseas Departments and Overseas Territories. question related to sending in the DOM / TOM or internationally, contact us by e-mail at [email protected]

Special cases:

SWITZERLAND: delivery in Switzerland is possible by express thanks to our partner DHL in return for the payment of the French Value Added Tax (VAT) costs, plus delivery costs proportional to the volume of the order. Customs charges may be applied by the Swiss authorities and are the responsibility of the buyer. For any questions about an order to be delivered in Switzerland, contact us by email at [email protected]

DOM / TOM, European Union and World (Canada, United States and other countries): our partner DHL provides express delivery from France to the international market. The delivery costs and shipping times are communicated to you at the time of validation of your basket.

What are the delivery times and costs?

Your order will be sent from France, generally within 2 to 4 working days (excluding weekends and holidays). Our partners La Poste and DHL ensure the delivery of your packages in France and internationally. Delivery times vary depending on the distance, the method of payment chosen and the carrier selected at the order validation stage. An e-mail is sent to the Customer as soon as it is sent, as well as a tracking number allowing the delivery of his order to be tracked.

I placed an order on , and I received my order wrapped by another online sales company, why?

As an e-merchant, we sell our products through our Online Store ( ) and we also use the services of other logisticians on different marketplaces (online marketplaces).

Our presence on many online sales sites gives us both better visibility but above all helps us in the daily management of logistics and thus allows our Customers to be delivered more quickly. This help has become totally essential to us with the growth of our Company and aims to offer you the best quality of service, in particular a fast delivery time.

Is it possible to return / exchange all or part of my order?

As provided for in the General Conditions of Sale applicable to online sales sites, you have 14 days to return all or part of your order to us for refund or exchange. Returned items must be in their original packaging, unwashed, unused. For hygiene and safety reasons, items in the Bath and Care, Teething, Toys and Meals categories cannot be returned or exchanged. The return postage costs are the responsibility of the Customer. Please refer to the General Conditions of Sale of our site and contact us by e-mail at [email protected]

Your return should be sent to the following address: SEVIRA KIDS, 28 rue Notre Dame de Bon Secours, 60200 Compiègne, France

Our Collections


What is the difference between a swaddling sleeping bag and a baby sleeping bag?

None :) this is the same product, designed to make your child sleep peacefully from birth.

Which sleeping bag to choose according to the seasons?

All of our sleeping bags can be used all year round.

However, we recommend that you favor models in Minky for mid-season or winter. If you live in a hot to tropical region, or if you give birth shortly before summer or summer, then choose models in 100% cotton or jersey.

If you are using a Minky model, you can add a square of cotton diaper under your child's head to regulate their perspiration.

Should you put a sleeping bag for your baby in summer?

The sleeping bag (regardless of the type of swaddling) is essential to reassure your baby, even in summer. Do not forget that in your womb, Baby was very warm. So he naturally needs this warmth and the feeling of being contained at birth too. This contributes to its good development and well-being.

What are the differences between the 3 main categories of swaddling sleeping bags?

There are 3 categories of swaddling sleeping bags, all of which can be used from birth up to 3/4 months and sometimes more, depending on the size of your child at birth and how fast he is growing.

All come in the form of a cozy blanket, their shapes vary depending on the model. The velcro bands and / or ribbons / ties to tie allow in a few simple movements, to swaddle your baby while maintaining it at constant temperature.

Once unfolded you can therefore use them as an extra play mat or as a blanket in the stroller. It should be noted that for these different uses, as well as for machine washing, the removable mattresses from the Matelassée and Evolutive Collections must be removed beforehand.

Here are our 3 Collections, each with the link to the Internet page allowing you to consult the different models:

  1. “classic” multi-use products which come in the form of a square-shaped fluffy blanket with rounded corners, with Velcro closure and / or tie / ribbon to tie depending on the model; Some of them are also reversible and can be used on both sides. You will find a reversible multi-use cotton range, and a double-sided cotton and Minky range, an extra soft antiallergic polyester material!
  2. the fleece has a slightly more “triangular” design, its soft texture is that of a fine duvet and it has a wide ribbon to tie. Many derivative products are available on our site for each Collection, which is greatly appreciated by parents who make a birth list;
  3. the scalable ones , triangular in shape with rounded corners, also with removable support mattress + inner pocket / panty with Velcro fasteners. The main advantage of the evolutionary sleeping bag is therefore that you can continue to use it open when your child grows up. The pocket that completely contained your child's body at birth becomes support panties. With one foot on each side, Baby is then in the ideal position for the proper development of his hips when he grows. Perfect for naps in bed or in a playpen.

The choice is mainly made by the parents' crush for a particular design.

Numerous studies have established the importance of handling newborns with care, while providing them with optimal back support when lying on a light mattress for at least the first 6 months of life, which is why the sleeping bag d swaddling is increasingly popular with midwives.

Our Swaddling Sleeping Bag Collections have received the Label d'Or Innovation 2016 - 2017 by the Parents of Salon Baby.

Are there openings for a cozy or stroller in the swaddle sleeping bag?

Swaddling sleeping bags are not equipped with straps for the harnesses of car seats or strollers. For outings, the most suitable products are the multi-use and reversible enveloping blankets, and the universal footmuffs, which all have openings by Velcro or zipper adaptable to most 3 or 5 point harness systems.

Does the swaddle sleeping bag come in different sizes? When to switch to sleeping bag?

Swaddling sleeping bags are perfect from birth to around 4 / 6th month of baby (sometimes + depending on size at birth and growth). They respond to the need for closeness and reinforce the feeling of security essential for the development of the newborn. We recommend that all parents use the sleeping bag when the swaddling sleeping bag becomes too narrow, so you can use it without fear because it is ideal for its good development.


These sleeping bags in the shape of a sleeping bag with straps are ideal as a relay from the swaddling sleeping bag.

As your child grows up, you need more space to stretch and kick their feet, which is why the sleeping bag becomes the most suitable product, especially thanks to its wide bottom which gives it optimal freedom of movement, but also thanks to the straps which allow the baby to have his hands free and to position his arms in the most comfortable position for him.

Even on very hectic nights, your child remains well covered and safe thanks to the wide straps and neckline specially designed to stay in place. The sleeping bag also provides optimal and constant warmth to your child during his sleep.

Some models can be used all year round, others lighter in cotton or fine jersey are preferred in summer.


Do you make customizable products?

We do not currently offer customization services such as name embroidery or the use of fabric other than those from our Collections.


How to set up a partnership with Sevira Kids?

Parents bloggers, early childhood professionals, specialized magazines, VIPs… Being solicited for partnerships is always a great pride :) If you wish to share with us an original project that is close to your heart, do not hesitate to contact us at the following address: [email protected]
The person in charge of Partnerships will contact you again if necessary. Thank you again for your trust and loyalty.
Update April 28, 2020.

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